A Letter to My 14 Year Old Self

Dear 14 Year Old Me, I cannot even begin to tell you how your life will change over the next 12 years and I’m sure there is so much I’m going to leave out of this letter. I would give anything to be able to send it and make things better for you, but I...
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How Pokemon Go Made Me a Better Dad

Was the strongest one at the gym for like a whole 12 hours. Me and my biggest baby boy celebrating a Poke-victory. Last night we spent almost two hours walking around a nearby town (ours is too small) collecting Pokemon and visiting Pokestops. My older kids, nearly 7...
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The Best Allegory for Life Stress You’ll Ever Read

A friend of mine recently shared with me a dream she experienced. We were both taken aback by how on point it was in relation to everyday life’s stresses and even invisible illnesses such as depression or anxiety. At any rate, it’s something everyone with...
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Animals are NOT People

I know you’ve read it on the news. A child in a zoo somehow managed to find his way into a gorilla enclosure, resulting in the gorilla being shot and killed. The internet being well, the internet, has all kinds of wild theories on the subject ranging from “shoddy... read more

Why I Have No “Mom” Friends

Oh by the way, I’m transgender. Can you please stop calling me she? Wow, that was easy. Too bad I can barely say the word “transgender” out loud, especially preceded by “I am”. What a shame that something that should be a few simple words... read more

An Open Letter to My Generation

This is a message for you, Millenials. Genereation Y. MY generation. The generation everyone loves to hate. The generation that refuses to grow up. Oh how the list goes on, oh the names they call us. Either way we are united by a birth era and everywhere you look... read more

10 Things I Don’t Tell You About Being Transgender

I know that I share a lot on this blog about my personal feelings, but for every thing I say openly there’s 10 things I tell no one. I am also terrible at telling specific people how I feel, preferring to instead post generalized subjects guaranteeing the target... read more

I Don’t Want My Kids to Obey

I call the above picture “don’t get wet!” It’s exhausting having kids who don’t follow my every direction. They’re disobedient. Stubborn. Argumentative. It’s not easy raising free thinkers who question authority when... read more

To My Husband: I Can’t Be Your Wife

On the day we got married, it will be 8 years in July, an 18 year old version of me wore a gorgeous white dress and promised to be your wife. I never intended to break that promise. Somewhere, deep down, I always knew that it wasn’t my place. I never wanted to... read more

Please Don’t Call Me Mom

Being a mother was my dream ever since I was a child. I never expected myself to hate being referred as one. My biggest regret is not coming out before I had kids. Although I might have had issues with my care, being able to choose and normalize how I want my children... read more


After moving to small town Manitoba 2 years ago Kal and Deacon are finally getting settled in. They spend their time perfecting their video games skills, DIYing, cooking (and eating), paying off their debt and budgeting, watching anime, and running a business from home.

Winnipeg is close by and you can find them frequenting the zoo, museums, and various conventions.

They're LGBT parents and together they have 5 kids ages 8, 6, 3, and 1 year old twins.