Transition Update: September 28/2016

Transition Update: September 28/2016

Normally I try and publish these on Tuesdays but this week has been absolutely insanely busy, plus yesterday I was sick. I’m still sick, but hey, life goes on when you have 5 kids and responsibilities. Plus being down in my office writing is a lot easier than... read more

The BEST Kids Video Games of 2016

Christmas is coming up and the year is drawing to a close. Are you confused about what games are new, and which have been out for awhile? Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect game for your little one’s Christmas list. Here are some of the best video... read more

Why My 5 Kids Don’t Do Chores

All too often I see posts and articles about how, what, and when to instil chores on your children. There are charts with reward stickers. There are books dedicated to forcing your kids to “help out” around the house. There are punishments and cash... read more

8 Things to Remove From Facebook RIGHT NOW!

Although sometimes addictive, Facebook can also be a great way to connect with family and friends… Until it’s not. Social media, and especially Facebook, can be toxic and draining. If you’re feeling sad, angry, or frustrated with your Facebook feed... read more

How to Date a Globe

Do you have a thrift store or yard sale globe that you’ve picked up and just can’t seem to date? Maybe there’s one just kicking up dust in your home and you have no idea how old it is. Globes are IN right now! Get that sucker out and decorate with it... read more

Coping with NICU PTSD

I didn’t think my twins’ prematurity would affect me this strongly but I still can’t look at a picture of newborn twins without getting insanely jealous and angry. Whenever someone shares a breastfeeding photo I want to block them. Pictures of tiny... read more

10 Things I Don’t Tell You About Being Transgender

I know that I share a lot on this blog about my personal feelings, but for every thing I say openly there’s 10 things I tell no one. I am also terrible at telling specific people how I feel, preferring to instead post generalized subjects guaranteeing the target... read more

To My Husband: I Can’t Be Your Wife

On the day we got married, it will be 8 years in July, an 18 year oldĀ version of me wore a gorgeous white dress and promised to be your wife. I never intended to break that promise. Somewhere, deep down, I always knew that it wasn’t my place. I never wanted to... read more

Please Don’t Call Me Mom

Being a mother was my dream ever since I was a child. I never expected myself to hate being referred as one. My biggest regret is not coming out before I had kids. Although I might have had issues with my care, being able to choose and normalize how I want my children... read more


After moving to small town Manitoba 2 years ago Kal and Deacon are finally getting settled in. They spend their time perfecting their video games skills, DIYing, cooking (and eating), paying off their debt and budgeting, watching anime, and running a business from home.

Winnipeg is close by and you can find them frequenting the zoo, museums, and various conventions.

They're LGBT parents and together they have 5 kids ages 8, 6, 3, and 1 year old twins.


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